Window Tinting/Film vs. Solar Screens for homes in Dallas & Ft.Worth

3M Window Film vs. Solar Screens

To understand the difference between the two you must first know the causes of heat and fading.

Causes of Heat

53% from Infrared 44% from visible light

3% from Ultraviolet light

Causes of Fading

40% from Ultraviolet light

25% Infrared light, 25% visible light

10% Miscellaneous (quality of dye anchorage, humidity, etc.)

Solar screens do a good job at cutting 80 or 90 percent of the 44% cause of heat (visible light) but they fail miserably on infrared (the 53% cause of heat). Their UV protection is also inferior. There are many holes in their theory (pun intended) of 80 or 90% heat reduction. Window film is always working to keep the heat out of your Dallas home, even when the sun is not on the window. You must choose the correct film for your needs. Tim’s Window Tinting Inc. will help you make the right choice.

Some solar screen companies lie (they know who they are) others are just misinformed, when they say that window film causes seal failure (foggy windows) or they say it damages the hermetic seal of a double paned window. These statements are completely false! Ask anyone to produce the documented evidence, it doesn’t exist.

Independent studies have been done. They all come up with the same results. Insulated windows fail at the same rate with or without window film.

There are two statements made about window film that may seem negative. The first one is window film voids your window warranty. (Have you read your warranty?) If you have a warranty in place 3M and Tim’s Window Tinting Inc. covers that warranty. The second is window film can crack your windows. This occurs very rarely and is covered by 3M and Tim’s Window Tinting Inc. for 5 years after the film is installed; The window, the film, labor and materials.

All we ask the solar screen companies to do is sell their products on there own merits; oh, they don’t have many. Home Window Tinting, Inc. actually obtained a “cease and desist” letter against a major DFW area solar screen company for placing false information about window film on their website. We do not wish to post this letter on our website, but will show it to any customer upon request. Please see film vs. solar screens in FAQ.

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