High Performance Neutral – RE20NEARL

High Performance Neutral window filmHigh Performance Neutral window film is a high performance neutral film that offers a unique combination of low reflectivity and high performance. This is the strongest of the Neutral films for sun control. This film is used on exposures with extreme sun or UV problems. It increases comfort, privacy and is commonly used on east, south, or west facing windows. Its neutral/gray color is due to the metal coating and will not fade or change color. This film offers 3M’s unique abrasion resistant coating for added durability. The best way to describe the look of this product is a black mirror.


  • Solar Heat Reduction: 59%
  • Glare Reduction: 82%
  • UV Block: 99%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection: 65%

Product Benefits

  • Reduces air conditioning costs.
  • Stay cooler by reducing excessive heat in warmer months.
  • Reduce glare and eye discomfort.
  • Furniture and fabrics have a longer acceptable life.
  • Increases personal safety from flying glass.

Note: Not recommended for dual pane glass.


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